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Life in New Mexico has been even better than life before.


After a career in the United States Air Force (retired in 1989)

and work in the non-profit field in the area of disabilities, I

worked as a volunteer in theater set construction.


In 2008, two momentous events happened to change my

life. I met the woman who has since become my wife, and

I appeared on the stage as an actor for the first time, as the

Conductor in The Music Man.











In 2015 we moved to New Mexico, where I wrote my first play, became Co-Facilitator of the Playwrights Circle, and published my first children's book. I've since written two

more full-length play and several short plays. In 2019, my one-act play A Way Back was produced by Theatre Ensemble Arts in Farmington, NM.

Carolyn and I, as Co-Producers, have revived Flower and Bone Productions, a theatrical production company devoted to producing plays by New Mexican playwrights or set in New Mexico.


I have introduced Carolyn to skydiving, sailplane flying, and the joy of having a dog. She took me on my first whitewater rafting adventures, including a 3-day trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.



Life continues to be an adventure! Never too old to have fun . . . 



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